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Quickly transform your school’s outdoor space with a Modern Lawn. Low-maintenance and cost-effective, our synthetic grass options are highly durable and create a beautiful play area for students to enjoy all year round.
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Easy upkeep for your team

One of the many benefits of choosing artificial grass for schools is the ease of maintaining it. Unlike natural grass, fake grass does not require watering or mowing, nor does it need fertilisers or other chemical-based products to look great.

This means more time for your maintenance team to work on other important projects, saving you time and money.

No more muddy shoes!

With an artificial grass playground, you won’t have to deal with muddy shoes when it rains, as the sub-base is kept securely underneath the grass. As long as your lawn is installed correctly, your pupils will be able to run around the playground without bringing mud back into the classroom, saving your cleaners a huge job!

Parents will also be pleased as they won’t have to deal with muddy uniforms and shoes at the end of a long day; it’s a win-win.

A safe place to play

Injuries can happen when children run around the playground. You can reduce trips and falls by choosing synthetic grass for school, as the ground is even, slightly cushioned, and soft. Also, synthetic grass is far less slippery during rainy weather due to its drainage capabilities.

When choosing a synthetic lawn, you won’t need to worry about fertiliser or other harsh chemicals that can be dangerous to little ones. Overall, an artificial grass playground is safer and more practical than tarmac or woodchip, so teachers and parents alike can have peace of mind during break times.

The durability of fake grass

Designed to withstand heavy use, artificial grass is an excellent option for a busy school environment, and it means you can enjoy an even, fantastic-looking lawn for many years, no matter how many football games or PE lessons it sees!

Synthetic grass for schools on a budget can be a hugely cost-effective option thanks to its robust nature, with the average lifespan of an artificial lawn reaching up to 15-20 years!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is artificial grass good for hay fever sufferers?

Yes! Artificial grass is hypoallergenic, so your pupils can enjoy those summer break times without worrying about hay fever.

Is artificial grass safe for schools?

Yes! Artificial grass is actually safer than natural grass in many ways. It provides an even surface for running, doesn’t get muddy and slippery, and requires no harsh chemicals to maintain.

Is artificial grass easy to maintain?

Artificial grass is a fantastic option if you are looking for something low-maintenance, as it doesn’t require mowing or watering. Simply remove any debris and brush the bristles in place every now and then.

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