£13.32 per sq m

Transform your space with Sway artificial grass—an innovative blend of emerald and lime straight fibres, interwoven with refreshing green and sunny yellow curls. With a sumptuous 35mm pile height, Sway seamlessly merges nature’s allure with modern convenience, redefining your outdoor sanctuary for lasting beauty.

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Transform your outdoor space with Sway artificial grass—a captivating blend of innovation and natural allure. Sway features straight fibres in enchanting emerald and lively lime shades, complemented by interwoven curly fibres in a delightful mix of refreshing green and sunny yellow. This dynamic fusion seamlessly invites the outdoors into your living space.


Boasting a sumptuous pile height of 38mm, Sway orchestrates a bi-colour symphony that delivers a lifelike, vibrant landscape. This design harmoniously marries the timeless allure of nature with the modern convenience you crave. Effortlessly redefine your space with Sway, where each step brings you closer to achieving the perfect balance of beauty and practicality.


With Sway artificial grass, your outdoor sanctuary will thrive with the allure of a lush, verdant paradise, enhancing your surroundings for years to come. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Sway today and redefine your outdoor living experience.