Our step by step guide to your new lawn

Unlock the transformative potential of your outdoor space with the effortless elegance of maintenance-free artificial grass. Follow our comprehensive installation guide, meticulously crafted by The Modern Lawn Company, to embark on a journey towards a flawless, professionally-installed landscape. Our premium artificial grass products, accessible at modernlawn.co.uk/artificial-grass/, paired with these expert installation steps, will empower you to create an enchanting green sanctuary.

Essential Tools and Materials:

Prepare yourself for a seamless installation by gathering the necessary tools and materials, conveniently available at modernlawn.co.uk/product-category/accessories/. Ensure you have the following items:

  1. Precise measuring tape
  2. Reliable utility knife
  3. Compacted aggregate or sand base
  4. Weed barrier fabric for a clean foundation
  5. High-quality artificial grass adhesive
  6. Lawn edging for stability
  7. A trusty broom or power brush
  8. Optional infill material for added lushness
How to Install Artificial Grass. artificial grass edging, artificial grass glue, tape measure, artificial grass weed membrane, knife. Some accessories you need to install artificial grass.
How to Install Artificial Grass. Artificial Grass fitter gluing the joining tape.
How to Install Artificial Grass. artificial grass fitter cutting the edges of the artificial grass. ppe wear orange safety gloves.

Step-by-Step Installation:

1. Prepare Your Canvas:

Clear the designated area of any existing vegetation and debris. If necessary, create a gentle slope for efficient water drainage. For specialized projects like pet-friendly zones, school environments, or charming balconies, find tailored guidance at these links: Artificial Grass for Dogs and Pets, Artificial Grass for Schools, Artificial Grass for Balconies.

2. Lay a Solid Foundation:

Craft a stable base by evenly spreading and compacting the aggregate or sand. Custom-tailor your approach based on your project’s unique specifications.

3. Guard Against Weeds:

Place the weed barrier fabric atop your compacted base to thwart weed growth and ensure a pristine canvas for your artificial grass.

4. Unveil and Shape the Grass:

Roll out your chosen artificial grass across the prepared area, leaving extra material along the edges for trimming. Utilize a precision utility knife to artfully sculpt the grass to fit your space.

5. Bonding in Seamless Harmony:

Gently fold back the grass edges and administer artificial grass adhesive along the seams. Skilfully press the edges together to create a fluid, seamless appearance.

6. Anchor with Edging:

Bolster the edges of your oasis by installing lawn edging around the perimeter. This safeguard prevents any potential shifting or movement of your artificial grass.

7. Blossom and Strengthen:

Utilize a broom or power brush to breathe life into the grass fibres, granting them a natural, vibrant allure. For an extra touch of opulence, consider applying infill material to enhance weight and stability.

8. Embrace Your Oasis:

Once the adhesive has thoroughly cured, your enchanting artificial grass installation is a resounding success! Now, sit back, unwind, and bask in the splendour of your effortlessly captivating, maintenance-free lawn.

Seamless Delivery Solutions:

Experience convenience at its finest through our dependable delivery options. For comprehensive details on our delivery services, please explore modernlawn.co.uk/delivery/.

Revitalize your yard, establish a pet-friendly paradise, elevate school surroundings, or grace your balcony with nature’s touch. The Modern Lawn Company’s unparalleled artificial grass installation guide ensures impeccable results. For an extensive selection of top-tier artificial grass, explore modernlawn.co.uk/artificial-grass/. Your journey to a captivating, verdant realm begins here.