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Perfect for all occasions, with its great balance between soft, lush green 40mm blades and more robust darker thatch. Classic grass delivers on hard-wearing whilst keeping all the quality you would expect from a premium product. Look no further Classic is straight down the middle ticking all the boxes.
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We Only Supply Premium Products

Classic - 40mm. Product Spec


PE Monofilament straight & PP Monofilament curled (UV Stabilised) 

Water permeability

60 litre/min/m2

Stitches per 10 cm 

linear 23± 1

Colour lining

Not Applicable

Yarn type

5.000 / 8 dTex PE monofilament straight & 3.200 / 6 dTex PP monofilament curled

Pile height

40 mm

Stitches per

28.980 ± 10%

Roll width

200 cm, 400 cm

Yarn quality

Environmental friendly, free of lead and cadmium

Face weight

2.121 gr/m2 ± 10%

Colour Mix

Light and dark green + Field-Jute thatch

Roll length


Primary backing

100% PP black with fleece, UV Stabilized, Weight 135 gr/m²

Tuft gauge

5/16 guage

UV stability

Meets DIN 53387 Standard (6000 hours)


Gardens, Landscaping

Secondary backing

Black Latex compound with a base of styrene butadiene (SBR), with drainage holes, Weight 760 gr/m²

Total weight

3.016 gr/m2 ± 10%

Colour fastness

Xenon Test: Blue Scale > 7, Grey-scale > 4

Infill advice

Silica sand, gradation 0,5 – 1,0 mm, 80% round shaped, appr. 6 – 8 kg/m2

**Modern Lawn is not legally liable in case of non-compliance with the above mentioned specifications. Specifications are for informal reference only.**