office set up with artificial grass floor

Why You Need Artificial Grass for Your Commercial Premises

Make sure your business premises always look in tip-top condition with artificial grass. Not only does artificial turf promise a professional finish but it also offers a great way to attract new customers. Hardwearing artificial grass is perfect for commercial areas that endure a lot of use.

Benefits of artificial grass for office areas

If you’re looking for commercial artificial grass, The Modern Lawn Company supply commercial across the United Kingdom. This blog will provide some great examples of how commercial artificial grass can benefit a business.

With its unrivalled appearance, artificial grass is ideal for beautifying office gardens, balconies or terraces. You can transform that dull, uninspiring concrete or tarmac area into a lush green sanctuary. The calming green makes the perfect place for your staff to take a break, get some fresh air and escape from work stresses. Having a vibrant and bright area will transform your office into a more pleasant place to work thus motivating your employees. It also gives you a lovely space to take your clients for meetings.

With its evergreen appearance, artificial grass is ideal for the entranceway of your office. It always looks the part and will give a business a professional finish. Let’s not forget the time and money you’ll save on not having to mow and maintain a real lawn too. It’s just one less thing you’ll have to worry about as a business owner. If you want something to really wow, you could even lay it inside your office. Create a breakout space for staff or makeover a meeting room. Inside artificial grass offers a fun floor covering that will really invigorate the space and makes for a great talking point when customers visit.

Artificial grass for kennels & pet training facilities

If you own a dog training or pet care company, artificial grass is a wise option. The grass will stay rich green with no brown spots; great when you’re showing around potential customers. Dogs will be unable to dig holes through the turf and they’ll go home clean, not covered in mud. Cleaning up dog mess on fake turf is easy and keeping it looking neat is a breeze too. With a real lawn, you may need to use fertiliser or weed killer, which can be toxic to dogs. Artificial grass is a safer environment for playing and learning.

Artificial turf for swimming pool surrounds

Ideal for outdoor lidos, the non-slip surface of artificial grass is perfect to prevent wet feet from slipping when getting in and out of the pool. This makes it a safer option than concrete. It also offers a wonderfully natural and inviting appearance as opposed to paving which can be quite cold looking. Artificial grass reduces maintenance costs as paving needs to be sealed regularly. The colour will not fade and it will prevent the growth of weeds that can contaminate your pool. Artificial grass is durable so it withstands the wear and tear of a busy lido. It also drains well, which is, of course, a necessity next to a pool!

The perks of artificial grass for pubs, restaurants, shops & hotel gardens

When you have a business, presentation is key. Having a neat, pristine garden will encourage customers through your doors. With artificial grass, your pub, restaurant or hotel garden area will always look well-maintained and tidy.

Great for garden displays

Whether it’s for an exhibition or a garden centre, use artificial grass to create an eye-catching display to showcase tents, garden furniture or BBQs. For an exhibition, it will attract customers to your stand and for garden centres, it showcases your stock in its best light.

Spruce up schools & nurseries

Artificial grass gives children a safe, mud-free place to play. You’ll have a vibrant garden that will encourage the little ones outside. It dries quickly and doesn’t waterlog, reducing those indoor wet play days.

With all the benefits it brings, it’s easy to see why so many commercial premises are switching to artificial grass. If you’re interested in transforming your commercial space, The Modern Lawn Company can help. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements.